Voting Statistics 1975 - 2015

All votes 1975 - 2015,
1107 votes,
64206 points distributed

In 1975 the voting system of 12, 10, 8 etc to 1 point was introduced.

As the number of countries wishing to participate grew, 1993 and 1996 saw elimination rounds (see 1993 and 1996).
The losing countries could NOT vote in the final.

In 2004 this rule changed with the introduction of televised semi-finals.
Originally the 'Big Five' (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy) plus the Top Ten of the previous year were pre-qualified for the final, but in 2008 this was reduced to just the Big Five plus the host country.
The Big Five are always qualified for the final and will never have to take part in the semi finals.

In the final, all countries, including the losing semi-finalists, can vote.

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by country
Albania Andorra Armenia Austria

NORWAY and SWEDEN are the only countries with points from all other countries!
Greece (unlikely, unless Morocco returns),
Turkey (difficult, they have withdrawn, and Slovakia rarely competes) and
Denmark (impossible, because Serbia-Montenegro is now two countries) are one behind.

Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bosnia- Herzegovina
Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland France
Georgia Germany Greece Hungary
Iceland Ireland Israel Italy
Latvia Lebanon Lithuania Luxembourg
F.Y.R. Macedonia Malta Moldova Monaco
Montenegro Morocco Netherlands Norway
Poland Portugal Romania Russia
San Marino Serbia Serbia-Montenegro Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland
Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom Yugoslavia

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